The Birthwise Staff

Beth Midwife Photo

Beth Bongiolatti, CPM, NHCM, Assistant Academic Director






Heidi Fillmore, Executive Director, Academic Director and Faculty

Heidi is the founder of Birthwise Midwifery School and serves as the overall director and director of the midwifery program.




Wendy Fillmore, Administrative Coordinator

Wendy manages the Administrative side of the school. She ensures the school is in compliance with MEAC, local, state and federal laws, and works on projects that have a sustainable effect on the life of the school.​


 Jacqueline Lamberto, Clinical Director and Faculty

Jackie oversees the clinical training of our students.




Melissa and Russell

Melissa Mayo, Office Manager, Registrar

Melissa manages the business side of Birthwise and serves as Registrar.





Elizabeth McKinnon, Financial Aid Officer, International Student Advisor

Elizabeth counsels students about and administers all financial aid programs that our students are eligible for. She also assists international students in the process of obtaining and maintaining student visas.



breastfeeding pic

Yvette McDonnell, Student Affairs Coordinator

Yvette handles aspects of student affairs:  admissions, answering questions regarding the Birthwise Midwifery program, the free tutoring program and the lunch and learn brown bag lunch series.   She also administers the Diversifying Midwifery in our Communities Scholarship.  Yvette can be reached at: or 207.647.5968.