Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Birthwise Midwifery School students must:

1. Successfully complete the academic component of the program. The student must pass each section of the periodic exams and skills exams administered to all students at the end of each of the academic semesters with a score of 80% or above.

2. Fulfill and document the following minimum requirements for clinical experience:

Clinicals as Assistant Under Supervision:
10 initial prentals
75 prenatal exams
20 complete newborn exams
30 postpartum exams
20 gynecological exams
10 complete physicals exams
Births as Assistant Under Supervision:
30 births (Up to 10 of these may be attended as a doula. 5 must involve continuity of care*. 18 births in this category must be completed before beginning primary births).
Clinicals as Primary Under Supervision:
20 initial prenatals
75 prenatal exams
20 complete newborn exams
40 postpartum exams
10 gynecological exams
10 compete physical exams
Births as Primary Under Supervision:
25 births (of which 5 must involve continuity of care*, 10 must be in out-of-hospital settings, and 10 more require attendance at one prenatal. Birthwise will except up to two births that occur following transport/transfer of care).
Experience in Specific Settings:
A minimum of 5 home births must be attended in any role. A minimum of two planned hosptial births must be attended in any role. These cannot be intrapartum transports but may be antepartum referrals. At least 10 births as primary under supervision must occur in out-of-hospital settings.

4.  Attendance at Childbirth Education Series (minimum 12 hours).

5.  Participation in a minimum of 4o hours of midwifery-related community service.

6.  Document mastery of all required skills.

7. Return for Homecoming Workshop and pass the Senior Exam and the Skills Exam with a grade of 80% or above.

8.  Students must be recommended for graduation by the students’ preceptor, the clinical director and the student’s faculty advisor.

9. Pay all Birthwise related expenses in full.

10. Finish the program within the maximum time frame (6 years, not including any leave of absences).


*The MEAC and NARM definition of continuity of care is attendance at “at least 5 prenatal visits spanning 2 trimesters, birth, newborn exam, and 2 postpartum visits for the same woman.”