The Birthwise Model of Education

The program consists of a rigorous academic curriculum delivered by a diverse faculty in our Bridgton facility, as well as a clinical component with qualified preceptors located locally and ultimately in a location of the student’s choosing.

Birthwise offers two arrangements of its program: the Campus Program is a residential program that follows the typical academic calendar and the Community Program which allows students to stay in their home communities for their clinical work, interspersed with ten 2-week classroom sessions at the Birthwise facility during the 3-year program. The Birthwise programs are designed to be completed in three years (36 months) for full time matriculating students, excluding any leave of absences.  If a student enrolls in the Birthwise program part time for any of the 6 semesters, it will extend their time at Birthwise, although the program must be completed within 6 years of initial enrollment, excluding any leave of absences.

Upon graduation from Birthwise, students are eligible to sit for the National Registry of Midwives (NARM) exam. Passing the NARM written exam in conjunction with graduation from Birthwise gives the student the national CPM credential. Many U.S. states use the CPM credential as a requirement for licensure. Birthwise is approved by the state of California and graduates are eligible to apply for licensure in that state.