Current Courses

 2015 Spring Course Electives


Name of CourseDateTime
Sexual Abuse & BirthJanuary 17, 20159:00am
Intrauterine InseminationJanuary 30, 20159:00am
Sex TalkJanuary 30, 20151:00pm
Perineal Repair WorkshopFebruary 2, 20159:00am
Childbirth Preparation MethodsFebruary 13, 20159:00am
Beyond Fear and Pain: A Shamanic Approach to an Easy BirthFebruary 27, 20159:00am
Childbirth Preparation MethodsMarch 5, 20159:00am
Adoptive BreastfeedingMarch 5, 20151:00pm
Green Birth and ParentingMarch 6, 20159:00am
Perineal Repair WorkshopMarch 6, 20159:00am

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