Apply-Diversity Scholarship 2015

rachel StanzeMeet Rachel: A  2014 recipient of Birthwise Midwifery School’s Diversifying Midwifery in our Communities Scholarship.

Receiving the diversity scholarship has freed up time and energy, allowing me to focus on academics and my preceptorship. It feels good to know that my school supports me and wants to see me succeed to my fullest. I am in my first year of studies at Birthwise and so far, around each corner is something new and intriguing that I hope to add to my repertoire as a midwife with a diverse and holistic practice. Most recently, methods for inducing lactation in non-gestating parents has my attention. Same sex breastfeeding and/or chest feeding is just one example of adaptations that can be made to deepen parent-child bonds and to lift stereotypes about which parent fills which gender role. I’ve been pleased to see my Duluth, Minnesota community come together to start conversations about queer parenting and families. Midwifery care can have a key role in supporting all families on their journey.


FMI about Diversifying Midwifery in our Communities Scholarship please contact: or call 207.647.5968



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