Achieving Advanced Status at Birthwise

Previous education and/or experience in the field of midwifery may allow students to advance through the Birthwise program more quickly.

 To waive a course, the student must submit an application stating information about the course previously taken, and provide documentation from the institution where it was taken regarding the instructor’s qualifications, number of class hours, grade received, and learning objectives covered. The final decision to waive each course is determined by the Academic Director. In order to confirm equivalent knowledge, the student may be required to take a written test from Birthwise.  All students, regardless of advanced status, must take and pass the three Periodic Exams and the Senior Exam, as well as all Skills Exams.

 A student may challenge a course if they have life experience or previous study that is directly relevant to the learning objectives of a Birthwise course. The application process requires a fee and a fee will be charged per awarded credit.

 To challenge clinical credits, students must provide complete documentation of any previous midwifery experience on the application for advanced status, including information on the preceptor, signed documents specifying the type and amount of experience, and written evaluations from the preceptor on that experience

 All advanced status applications include an application fee, as well as a fee per credit hour awarded.  The program director and/or clinical manager will review all applications for advanced status. All applications must be submitted before the start of the first semester of the program. Course waivers and clinical credit waivers will be negotiated with the student during the first month of enrollment.

 In order to graduate from Birthwise, a minimum of 50 credits must be obtained from Birthwise. This must include a minimum of 30 academic credits and 25 clinical credits. Any primary care experience obtained before attending Birthwise will be entered into the Birthwise Documentation Book under the assist category. This requires that all primary care requirements be obtained while enrolled at Birthwise.